Curing Depression with Magnoelectric Nanoparticles

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Current brain stimulation technology in psychiatry has low specificity and often relies on highly-invasive direct-contact-electrode techniques like deep-brain stimulation (DBS). While there are noninvasive methods, the locality of focusing and depth are significantly limited. Additionally, current technologies are open-loop, meaning they do not modulate brain activity in real time.

Neurojoy’s solution uses magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENs) and a headband capable of recording brain waves and creating a magnetic field to modulate neural activity non-invasively, suppressing psychiatric symptoms in real time

Our goal is to give everyone the right to be happy. We aim to fundamentally change how we treat mental health conditions by leveraging the power of science and technology. We envision a near future in which no one suffering from a mental health condition is "treatment-resistant." Neurojoy seeks to alleviate mental suffering.We are developing treatments for mental health conditions with a science-backed approach by developing novel nanotechnology therapies that safely target the brain.

What We Do



An EEG headband to measure brainwave activity in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence

A machine learning algorithm to identify suicidal ideation or a substance craving using brainwave data from EEG.

Magnoelectric Nanoparticles

if a psychiatric symptom is identified, electromagnets in the EEG headband will be activated to excite magnetoelectric nanoparticles [in the brain administered via I.V.], correcting neural misfiring associated with the psychiatric symptom

Spreading happiness one neuron at a time.


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